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April 2012

It’s finished!!! I finally have completed the wholecloth quilt, decided to bind it with a blue floral fabric rather than the matching fabric. It is now being used to cover my ‘rebounder’ when I’m not using it, makes a lovely accessory to the sitting room!!!! (Have nowhere else to keep it - the rebounder not the quilt).

Yes, I do know that I have a cross-stitch carousel horse to finish, number 2 in a set of 4, the first one took 16 years to do!! and yes I have a hexagon quilt which is half done. Promise I will get them done. Sometime!!!

The ‘soft toy’ cot quilts are all completed, the pink and blue version have already gone off for my niece and nephews birthday present. I made a third version, just using the small 8” squares, to show a different layout for the designs.

For Mother’s day  I made dog rose themed postcard and matching card. I made three, one for my Mum, one for my Mum-in-law and the third for my Step-Mum. Easter I tried to think of something different but after an hour of trying to draw first a chick then a rabbit, I finally gave up and went back to eggs, with years had flowers all round them.

At the moment I am working on Spring Fairy wallhanging, all in lemons and lilac, of the daffodils and grape hyacinth. She is beaded, embroidered and quilted. This is based on the Christmas Angel, I think I will possible design a Summer (pink and white of roses) Autumn (deep russet and golds) and a Winter (white and deep green). She is part of the coming terms teaching work.

Also looking at teaching a table/bed runner based on Dilys Fronk design and also a chenille bag to carry cutting board – have noticed that a lot of the class bring their cutters, rulers and boards in, in plastic bags!!!! And finally a bed cover using ribbons, lace and embellishments, all those bits that you collect as a crafter as they are too good to throw away but really don’t know what to use them for!!!!! That’s still in the planning stage!!

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