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February 2012

The first part of the term has gone really well, the Disappearing Nine Patch class went really well and we have had fun with the landscapes (will take some photos when they are complete).

Got half of the Double wedding Ring quilt top made, the class on it went really well, just got to do the other half and then quilt it before September!!!

Started to think about what I will teach on the second half of the term, the dress wall hanging in red, white and blue theme will be for the first week back, all designed and the basic stitching done, just got to finish all the beading!!!! But other than that I really haven’t worked out what I will do – yet!!!

I have been knitting, only basic scarves but need them with this cold weather, once I have finished the last one then I will go back to my top in Sirdar Firefly, another thing I started before Christmas but got put aside for making presents and then teaching work.

Keep saying that I will finish off a lot of the half done pieces that litter the workroom, many are for us, cross-stitch horse for my husband – part of a series of four – the first one took 15 years!!!! Then there is a hexagon quilt for our daughter – only been doing it for 10 years!!!! I just keep starting other things – for presents or teaching and never seem to get round to finishing certain things. So, my aim this month is to finish my knitted top and also a lap size quilt I am hand quilting. This quilt is from a kit – it is a preprinted design that you quilt. I have always wanted to do a wholecloth quilted top but I wasn’t sure about designing it myself, this kit was a prefect way of trying one. I will let you know how I get on.

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