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July 2012

The final classes of this term are finished. For the final few, we have been working on a project I mentioned last month – cushion or bed runner that was made using all different fabrics and embellishments. I made a white cushion and then two bed runners!!!

Our bed runner has the ‘key’ fabric of cotton reels in all shades of pinks through to deep red, to this I have added lace, ribbons, silk and satin, buttons and beads, embroidery and quilting. Then the edge is made up of prairie points.

I was then going to make up a cushion in black/white and soft green, to show some of the techniques for our daughter, but on seeing our one – she wanted a runner not a cushion!!!

I like to give the class a challenge over the summer holiday and this year I have made a box that looks like a cottage, their challenge is to make something similar, I have till September to see what they have come up with! Shreds, house, fire station!!!

So, it’s the summer break – but still lots to do, some bits to finish off, including the double wedding ring quilt and then I have Septembers work to start!!!!

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