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June 2012

Over half way through the summer term, only four more weeks to go!!!

Finished the Dilys Fronks style runner, mine is for using on the bed but a couple of the class have made it as a table runner.

On table runners, I found a box with some unfinished class samples, the machine pieced hexagons got turned into a cushion and the paper-cut applique square also got turned into a cushion. But the Attic window sample I have turned into a table runner, it wasn’t long enough on its own, found a 1/2m of Clarice Cliff inspired fabric that I have had for years that matched the colours and with cream fabric, created the runner. I didn’t add wadding just a backing and then quilted flowers on the fabric on the cream squares in matching colours!!

Just spent a few days on a boat on the Ouse and needed an easy sewing project and decided to start another table runner using 2” paper pieced hexagons, got them all tacked and half the runner sewn.

The class wanted another ‘easy to carry around’ project, they have been making lots of small patchwork dogs – these use up 1½” left over pieces and they wanted something similar. Years ago I did a patchwork elephant, very similar and so I dug out the write up and shrunk it from 2” squares to the 1” and made one up and did a new write up. Now there is lots of elephants being made!!!

I have also been working on some small tea cup and teapot wall hangings, which I will be teaching and then there is the project to use up all the bits that of ribbon, lace and different fabrics that we save as are too good to throw away. More about that next month!!!

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