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March 2012

Almost there with the wholecloth hand quilted quilt!!! Just about 8” of the border to finish and then the binding to be put on. On my unfinished projects, I really haven’t got on well -so all still on the list waiting to be finished and then ticked off.

For the class we made rag quilt bags from jeans, for the ones I made to show them ‘how to’ I used a pair of my old jeans and two pairs of cotton pyjama bottoms that my daughter had grown out off. So, didn’t cost a penny, my classes have been going round the charity shops finding the largest pair of jeans to make the bags!!!

This week and for the rest of the term, I have started to teach a Soft Toy Cot quilt. For the design I thought of all my daughters first toys and then draw them up and appliqued them to make the quilts, it can be made in two styles. I have made a pink version and am doing (as demonstration in class) a blue one, these will be my twin niece and nephews 1st birthday present.

While sewing the cot quilts, I’m thinking about designs for Mother’s day postcards and also Easter ones and also what I will teach next term!!!

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