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May 2012

The Spring Fairy is all completed and taught. I have just got to find somewhere to put it, at the moment it is just sitting on the pile with all the other wall hangings!!!

I really have a problem with trying to find a space to put all my quilts and wall hangings. Certain quilts I keep to use, others are kept for teaching resource and then there are some I give as presents. So, they aren’t soo much of a problem, it’s more the wall hangings, I just don’t have enough wall space to put them all up!!!

There is also the problem of all the designs I want to try, not for teaching but for me but where am I going to put them all?

I was talking with my friend about Folded Star (Somerset) patchwork, I haven’t used it in years and on a whim I decided to make a cushion up with a strip of it across the middle, only took a couple of hours to complete and as soon as my daughter saw it, she decided it was hers!!! As it matches in with her room!!!

Half way through making a bed runner based on the Dilys Fronks Dual Image Applique, it’s half done as I will complete the squares in the class, showing how it is done and then make it up.

So far I have made a pin cushion sample and a cushion sample of chenille patchwork, as well as the cutting board bag that is decorated with chenille patchwork. It is a great way of using up fabric that I know longer really like!!!! My taste has changed a bit in the 25 years I have been making patchwork.

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