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April 2013

I finished both the pink and blue Star Quilts for my niece and nephew, wrapped them all up and took them up to Derbyshire and then remembered I hadn’t taken any photos of them!!! Sorry.

I have started another 1” animal, an Owl, just tacking all the fabric over the squares. I haven’t done much yet of the tacking but once I have finished knitting the Gnomes I am doing and embroidering a couple more postcards, both of which I do in the evenings then I will really start work on the owl. I will have to work out what animal to do next?

For Easter, as a quick make in the final class I did ‘Stuffed Puffs’ – Suffolk puffs that are stuffed and turned into things – before they have used them to make pumpkin decorations and Christmas puddings and for Easter chicks and bunnies.

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