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December 2013

The last few weeks of the term where about more Christmas gift ideas, pot grabbers and oven gloves for the cooks and shoe and laundry bags for the travellers. We then went onto quilts made using T-shirts.

I used an old Christmas T-shirt of Laura’s, from when she was seven and the Makower Modern Christmas range of fabrics to make a quilt. From 1st December it has been on Laura’s bed, helping with the metres of tinsel, lights and baubles to make her room very Christmasy.

The final lesson was a quick hexagon table centre – I made it in both modern and more traditional fabric.

For the classes Christmas gift I had made forty little robin decorations, which Tony and Laura keep saying looked like ‘Angry Birds’!!! The time since the classes have finished have been all about making Christmas presents – all the major ones are finished, just a couple of little extras to do! All the Christmas quilted postcards have been made – this years theme was stars for the traditional ones and stag’s head for the modern, sixteen made in total. Laura got an owl, as she is going through an owl theme – on her scarf and gloves and one of her many school bags!!!

I have got Christmas more or less sorted, food – the desserts are all made and  already in the freezer to come out as is the piece of beef, we have roast beef and Yorkshire pudding instead of a turkey as no one is keen on it!!!

So finally can I wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy and healthy 2014

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