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February 2013

January has been a busy month, got lots of needlework done. The Polar Bear made from 1” pieces was completed in time for all the snow!!! I am working on a giraffe in pastel shades… got a few other ideas in the pipe line for animals made from the 1” squares.

Still on soft toys, in class we are making a Rabbit – it is from an old commercial pattern, made smaller. But rather than being made in one colour we are making him as a patchwork one – all different fabrics for each piece.

One of my aims for this year is to ‘try’ and get one of my quilt tops, quilted each month. I decided to start with a simple lap quilt made up in the Shoo Fly pattern to look like flowers. So that is the one of the seventeen tops that are in my cupboard completed.

I might have finished one quilt but I added another quilt top to the pile, so still have seventeen to quilt – finished the heart quilt top and that is now waiting to be quilted!!

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