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January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Sorry I missed writing my diary in December, I finished teaching and then it was a mad scramble to make all the presents – PVC shopper bags as gift bags, quilted postcards both with Christmas theme and also for my Great Nieces and Nephews ones with their initials on. Add to this mix, making dresses for both Laura and myself to wear to my Nieces wedding – mine almost didn’t get finished in time!! And I completely ran out of time to get the diary written.

New Year and new projects, all in the design and half made stage  … another animal (polar bear) made from 1” pieces of fabric, an embellished and quilted heart cushion and also a quilt using the same heart design but appliqued on.

In the classes I have decided to go ‘Back to Basics’, many in the classes are fairly new to patchwork or to my class and I feel that we need to start at the basics, starting with all the different forms of applique and then onto hand and machine quilting and then onto other techniques. I won’t forget the more advanced in the classes and we will be carrying on with both the floral and block quilt and also other projects.

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