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June 2013

May was one of those months where things went well and I got a lot done.

I decided to work on the Block Squares first and I have quilted them all, wondering about doing something curving but when I laid out the squares I realised that I needed to quilt round the squares and triangles in keeping with the ‘floor’ tile feel of the designs and the fabric.

The quilt is ¾ quarters together, the last quarter I have left so I can demonstrate how it goes together in class.

I have also completed five postcards during May, doesn’t sound a lot but when the embroidery takes about 8 hours plus to do on them and I only do them in the evenings while watching TV (not that I really watch it, it’s just on!!! The rest of the family are watching it) then it’s fair number.

I have also started on a couple more postcards designs in the garden/planters series. The postcards are mostly gifts and I have designed a ‘shop’ box to give to a few family members to keep their postcards in. last year I gave my Aunt a ‘Post Office’ one and at the moment I am working on a ‘Florist’ themed one – works in with the planter/flower theme I am working on this year!!

The Fridays in May where dressmaking days and I completed two shirts for my daughter Laura and three for myself, got more clothes now than I have ever had!!! And still got a few more things I want to make!!!

Please come and visit Fairkytes on Saturday 15th June for their open day. I will have a display of my teaching work and will also be demonstrating.

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