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September 2013

The summer holidays are over!!! And this August have been all about holidays for us.

Firstly we had four days in Paris, a city I hadn’t been to and Tony took some great photo’s. Back home for one day and then off to stay in Teweskbury for a few days and do some of the National Trust Proprieties in the area.

Again Tony took some fantastic photos – soo much inspiration for postcards and wallhangings – so look out for them later in the year.

Had a week at home to catch up and then stayed for a few days on Mersea Island – the sorbet coloured beach huts are lovely. Those few days were time of sitting, relaxing, reading and for me learning to crochet – finally managed to figure it out!!! Been making squares to create a trim on a skirt and I am going to make snowflakes for Christmas decorations.

Back home for Laura’s 14th birthday and the bank holiday, then off again – up to Derbyshire to help my sister, Jenny move. No time for any creating up there!!! Once we got back I made Laura’s new school bag – she has one every year, I think last year she had a new one every term! Not because they had worn out, just she had seen some different fabric and wanted a bag in it. This term she wanted a satchel, I used the pattern from Lisa Lam’s A Bag for All Seasons. She was very worried I wouldn’t get it made in time but I made it over the weekend, just in time for her to go back to school!!!

And finally – I have had my first piece published!!! The pattern for Sidney the Snail is in the September edition of Popular Patchwork.

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