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August 2014

This last month has been about dressmaking for me. The fabric has been sitting waiting to be turned into tunic/shirts and finally I have had time to make them!!! I will admit we did pop into The Cheap Shop in Tiptree ( and the Jam factory) while we were staying on Mersea Island and I got more fabric for tunics. I was very good as I didn’t look at the patchwork fabric!!!

We have had a few days away on Mersea Island, I took a couple of pieces of the Country House Botanics Quilt to quilt and also a child’s weaving loom to try weaving. The loom was very basic and old but we made a fairly reasonable scarf. It made me and Laura want to try something more and so we have ordered ourselves a proper weaving loom – more about that next month when we have got it and tried it.

We also went to Ironbridge and Chester for a few days – completed six anniversary postcards and a landscapes while there.  While at Ironbridge, which is a very interesting place especially the Bliss Hill Victorian Town, we took lots of photos but one that stands out was of the War Memorial actually by the bridge in Ironbridge, here it is


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