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December 2014

Well, we are almost at that time of the year!! I have almost completed creating the presents I want to this year, from knitted, to sewn and woven. Really getting the hand of the knitters loom now!

You still have time to make a few little gifts, like pincushions or scented hanging cushions, decorative hearts or even mini bunting.

I am already thinking about all the bits that I want to design and make for the coming year! I have designed another cot quilt (will be teaching the Noah’s Ark one in January) this one is with a toadstool home in the middle.

Working in with the theme of toadstool home I have also designed another three squares that are unusual homes, with more detail toadstool square this will be a quilt for little girls or even bigger ones!!!! Depending on how much embroidery detail you want to put on it.

Merry Christmas.

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