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February 2014

I know too many people that January is a month that drags by and especially this year with the grey rainy days. But for me January has gone so quickly…And I have got loads done.

I got both the A4 landscapes finished and sent off for the competition, so look out for them if you are going to the Quilt show at Duxford. I also, with lots of help from Tony, completed some work to send off to Popular Patchwork – I don’t know when they will be included at the moment but I will let you know when I do.

In class we started on the second sampler quilt, completing the Shoo Fly and Greek Cross squares – as I am teaching it in both the morning and afternoon class, I have made two samples, a blue and white version and also a pink, green and cream one. For the more experienced in the class, I have shown the new quilt based on wallpapers and textiles that I have seen while visiting National Trust properties. The quilt is made in sections and created by quilt-as-you-go, so no huge Double size quilt to handle. It is appliqued with flowers, birds and butterflies and the centre has a bird cage. We will start to create it over the coming weeks.

Apart from that I have sorted through my quilt tops, waiting to be quilted – all 26 of them!!! I added to them last year…. But during this month I have managed to finish three, so only 23 left to go.  

The quilt made from old t-shirts of Laura’s I appliqued butterflies on and then quilted, I quilted a cot quilt made using the Pinwheel Magic ruler and finally I layered another children’s top with fleece and quilted it. By leaving the tops on the back of my work chair they are a constant reminder and I get round to finishing them!! If I put them in the cupboard – I forget about them…

I also created three quilted postcards and finished knitting a aran cable waistcoat.

So overall a very productive January.

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