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November 2014

Another month has disappeared and Christmas is rapidly approaching!!! You have still got time for some Christmas makes.

Country House Botanic quilt is finally finished and I know that everybody is waiting for a photo but I have got to find a space big enough to put it to photograph it flat! We usually hang the quilts on the washing line and we tried that but the quilt is too long and it was in danger of dragging all over the floor. So, we are on Plan B and looking for somewhere else to photograph it. As soon as we have we will or rather Tony will put it on here.

The Noah’s Ark quilt is finished and I will start to teach that soon. I am working on ideas for after Christmas.

Look out for more owl designs, following on from the quilt and also the Winter Warmer Owl.

Other than patchwork and quilts I have been working on a few postcards, made another shirt and done some knitting. I have also been playing with my weaving loom, making myself a big scarf – purple/orange/brown - sounds an odd colour combination but honestly it works. Photos later when it is finished.

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