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September 2014

The holidays are over and it’s ‘back to school’!!!! The shops will soon be full of Christmas stuff….

It felt that we were hardly home through August with holidays. Firstly we went to Germany, Mosel region, we came back with some great wine! Then we went to Mersea Island and yes, we did visit Tiptree – only The Cheap Shop this time for some yarn to play with our weaving loom, more on that in a minute and I got some fabric to make new cushion covers for the kitchen chairs – two different lots, one map of London and the other a world map.

As well as the holidays we have had some great days out, Tower of London for Laura’s birthday, the ceramic poppies are incredible, the sheer numbers and it was not even finished!!! When you are told the number that died, it is just a number but seeing it as poppies really makes the numbers mean something.

We also went to Scotney Castle in Kent, I fell in love with the old castle and its moat, it is very fairy tale castle (ideas for postcards or A4 pictures?!!!), the gardens made a fantastic backdrop and the house was very interesting.

More about our weaving loom, Laura and I enjoyed playing with the Child’s loom and so we got ourselves an Ashford 28” knitters loom. Going for this size means we can make scarves and also shawls and anything in between. Laura is on her second project and has really got the hang of the tension, I have had play on it and only towards the end did I get an even tension. We are taking it in turns to use it, at the moment it is Laura’s turn, which is fine as I really haven’t got time to ‘play’ with it. I am busy putting together the Country House Botanics Quilt and getting ideas sorted for classes.

Classes start again on Tuesday 16th September.

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