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December 2015

Well it is the Christmas run up! I have had a good month and got loads of things made – much of which I can’t say as they are presents!!!

At the beginning of November I finished weaving my big scarf/shawl, I guess really it is a wrap. The Warp threads where in Rainbow colours – red/orange/yellow/green/blue/indigo and violet. On the loom it looked really bright but once I had woven with black yarn it isn’t at all bright. I then finished it off by crocheting a scalloped edge and plaiting the fringe.

The rest of the month has gone in creating cards, quilted postcards, cubes, a soft toy, arm knitted scarves, another woven scarf and Christmas decorations all to be given to family and friends!

I seem to be having a ‘cottage’ theme for making bits in class – I started with a small cottage box complete with a stitch sedum roof! While stitching that I had an idea for a cottage needle book and so I made and taught that. That’s got me thinking and I might create a cottage bag for Easter…..

I know we haven’t even got to Christmas yet! Or New Year and I am thinking Easter makes!!!

Finally can I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

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