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February 2015

January was a really busy month for me!!! I managed to finish weaving Laura’s large scarf for her return to school in January, which I really didn’t think I would be able to do. I then set the loom up with a large scarf for me in shades of purple and mauve. I finished it on the 1st February. I am now thinking about the next project – I think a normal width scarf…

On the patchwork front I have been very busy, offered Popular Patchwork six projects for future publication – not expecting them to want all six!!! But they did and as soon as I can get them to them. One is the Hexagon Rainbow Quilt that I have been working on all last year, I have got that all together and two of the cushion designs they wanted and I will be posting them off.

That leaves me with another cushion design to do and the Green Man wall hanging both of which I have taught a while ago and finally the cot/bed quilt with a mushroom  fairy home on it, that is just at the drawing stage.

As well as all of that, I am creating the free pattern quilt, knitting an aran waistcoat and in class teaching the Noah’s Ark quilt and also the Floral applique quilt!!! At least I like being busy….

Back to the hexagons – I always have a hexagon project on the go as they are so portable and I can tack and sew them more or less anywhere!!! I have decided this years hexagon quilt will be made in Tilda Sweet Christmas fabric!!! Just got to start cutting up the hexagons….

And finally I have my etsy shop set up. Not much on it at present, but I hope to expand it in the coming months. Please take a look.

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