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January 2015

Happy New Year. New Year and new projects!!! For the free monthly pattern I have designed a quilt-as-you-go quilt called ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’. If you would like to receive the monthly patterns for this quilt and haven’t already signed up to email updates then do and you will receive the patterns.

I can, now that Christmas is over and all my presents given, say all the things I was creating over November and December!!! I knitted two aran waistcoats for a friend with the yarn left over I have started another one!!! I wove four scarves, then packed away the loom as with the Christmas tree and the presents round it, there just wasn’t enough space in the sitting room. It is back downstairs and I have started a wide scarf in shades of blue and green for Laura – she would really like it made before she goes back to school but I can’t see me finishing it in four days!!!!

I made forty penguins to hang on trees and the boxes for them to go in. Two ‘Christmas’ buntings and five mini (only 3” high) bunting with words embroidered on them – create, family and love.

And finally I made a posh frock for Laura to wear over Christmas!!!

I had a bit of a slow down on the making front over Christmas itself as busy with other things but its back to creating again now!!!

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