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March 2015

March has arrived and feels like Spring is on the way with the daffodils beginning to show and the other Spring bulbs. Not that we have had much of a cold winter this year.

February flew past, it only is two/three days shorter than other months but it feels like a week shorter!!! Don’t know whether that is because it has half term in it.

Over half term, as a family, we had a few days out. We went back to Scotney Castle, in Kent. It was a beautiful bright day and Tony took some lovely pictures. The old castle with its moat is really romantic and I keep wanting to create a A4 size wall hanging using it as inspiration. Part of the reason (other than time) that I haven’t created something yet is the fact that I am never happy with the way I can sew water, even using Crayola crayons to colour in depth and tone.

A couple of months ago in Popular Patchwork they had a piece about colouring on fabric with Derwent Inktense Pencils. I did some further research and asked for a tin for my birthday at the beginning of February. I got them and a tin of ordinary Derwent colouring pencils!

Over half term Laura and I had a little play and they are great – so far I have created ‘watercolour’ effect backgrounds to a couple of postcards. Have only finished embroidering one!! So, far…

But I think with these pencils, I will be able to create water far better and so, when I get a spare five minutes or so, I will create an A4 landscape with Scotney Castle and moat as it’s inspiration.

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