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May 2015

I am trying to be good and finish a few things off!!! But it is really hard and I am not much good at just working on one thing at a time – in fact I am totally hopeless at it!!!

I still have to finish stitching two squares and the borders of the free monthly quilt pattern ‘How Does My Garden Grow?’ – I ran out of pale blues in my stash to complete the squares. That meant a trip to buy some pale blues and while I was at the fabric shop I also bought some pale pinks, as I was low on them. I wanted ‘blenders’, fabrics that have a small pattern or marbling that are in the same colour, that match or blend in.

Then I am still working on the hand quilted Tropical Bouquet quilt, I have completed the four centre squares and am working on the first of the border panels, as it is hand quilted it will take a while!!! I tend to do this in the evening while sitting with the family, as they watch TV.

There is also the runner for the afternoon class and the new quilt for the morning class!! And not to mention the scarf that I am weaving and other bits tucked away – till I have time to finish them!!!

I did make two shirts! I haven’t done any dressmaking since Christmas and I wanted a white shirt to wear with my jeans. I couldn’t find a pattern I completely liked, so I combined two and altered the collar and cuffs to the shape I wanted.

I just made Laura’s April duck postcard – on the 29th!!! So, I did finish a couple of things…….

If you want to see more of what I create then I know have a Facebook page, I post to this as I do things, not every day but fairly often.

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