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November 2015

Well, it’s already November! And the month has started with non stop rain – makes me want to stay indoors and get on with making loads of stuff, once I have recovered from the flu bug……(the reason why this update is a bit late this month)

October went by so quickly, it feels like I didn’t get a lot done but I finished weaving my 4ply scarf and started a big shawl/scarf in DK. Made a couple of postcards, completed ‘How Does My Garden Grow?’ quilt and another blue quilt that has been sitting around for ages waiting for its borders and bindings and I have also made two ‘snuggle’ tops.

The ‘snuggle’ tops are for ‘snuggling’ in, in the evening, while creating and watching tv. They are baggy and comfortable and made from just one metre of cotton jersey fabric (£6 a metre!!!), I may make another one in fleece material for the cold winter nights!!!

I also tried Arm Knitting – it was great fun, no great big knit pins just your arms! I made two scarves, the first one took a bit longer as I had to figure out how to do it – the hardest bit was the casting on, got in a bit of a muddle! The second scarf took just ¾ hour to do!!!

The main priority for the next few weeks, is the Christmas makes, I haven’t got much to make this year! A couple of woven scarves, two arm knitted ones, a knitted jumper and a lot of quilted postcards!!!! And a quilt (half done, just the other half to do!!!!)

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