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October 2015

The month of October has arrived, the month of spider’s webs, autumn colours and pumpkins! Although in our house we don’t make pumpkin lanterns we make melon lanterns!

The only pumpkin lanterns we have are the ‘stuffed puff’ decorations…

September was a busy month, we started back at class with Patches the Pony and then followed by One Seam Flying Geese and the Variations. The demonstration pieces have been made into two small cushions for our bed and two new ones for the sitting room..

I have been working on a completing a few UFO’s (unfinished objects!!). So far I have made up two tapestries into cushions and I have almost completed another quilt, just a few more days work and it should be completed.

The loom was empty over the summer as I hadn’t had time to set it back up, but over September I have been weaving a 4ply scarf for myself. Scarves woven from 4ply yarn take longer to do as the yarn is finer then the DK ones. Also there isn’t the variety of yarns available in 4ply. Once this one is complete I am going back to DK for a few projects.

I have began my list of Christmas makes and at the moment it hasn’t got much on – Laura’s hexagon quilt is the biggest thing! I am sure that more will be added.

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