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April 2016

So much has happened in March! Right at the beginning of the month was Mother’s Day and then Easter at the end.

I was inspired by all the script cushions in the shops to make a Mum one for my Mums. I embroidered/quilted the word Mum and then appliqued flower borders at the top and bottom and I also created a Quilted Postcard for each of the Mums.

For Easter I created ten Quilted Postcards for family and friends and then instead of Easter Eggs I made my three nieces a cushion – I tried to draw a dancing princess but it came out like a hippo!! So, I designed a pretty petal dress on a stand, with sequins and beads called ‘Flora’. I didn’t want my nephew to feel left out, so I got some Star Wars fabric and made him a cushion!! I also created a Spring Bunting!

Other than making all that I also finished off weaving a 4ply scarf and started on a DK yarn throw, in shades of blue, brown, grey and black with a touch of lemon – sounds odd but they work together!! Really!

I also created twelve other Quilted Postcards and made a Patchwork Dog in pink, lilac, lemon and white for my new baby great niece Mia born on Easter Sunday. I always make a Patchwork dog for the babies of the family and friends.

I am working on hand quilting at the moment, I want to finish the ‘Tropical Bouquet’ quilt – just one more corner square to quilt and then I can put it all together, that’s the job with the getting the garden and outside sorted for this month!!

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