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August 2016

It’s been another odd month! My Aunt has spent the whole of June and July in hospital and we have been going up there at least twice a week.

The Wednesday after I finished teaching I started on the workroom, I emptied boxes and cupboards and cleaned and re-organised everything, it took one and half days, it didn’t look much different but it had been completely cleaned and sorted!

I did a day demonstrating and talking about quilting to visitors at Rainham Hall and I will be back there on 17th August with Hexagons.

With school finished we spent a long weekend on Mersea Island, and it didn’t rain at all!!! It always rains when we have a break. I took a couple of the borders to the Friendship quilt that I am embroidering and I managed to finish one and get half way through the next one – just another one to do!!!

I have managed to get a few bits made – another wrap dress for me and just three quilted postcards but not a lot as I have been painting the kitchen!!!

I also finished knitting the snowmen!!! I sewed them up during the hottest days of July!!! They are already for Christmas…

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