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February 2016

We are already starting on the second month of the year! January has gone so fast. But it has been a good month on the creative side.

I posted off my two A4 journal quilts for the Spring Journal competition ‘Nautical Inspiration’ at the very beginning of the month, after a bit of a rush to finish them off!!! but that’s me – leaving things to the last minute… I had a letter later in January that they are Runner up in the competition!! They can be seen at any of the Spring Quilt Festivals or at Quilts UK at Malvern.

The rest of the month has been completing the Star cot/bed quilt and then working on the new ‘Friendship Quilt’ – all the centre blocks are traditional blocks with the Friend or Friendship in the name. The first border has designs that are my own, with friends being the theme and the second border is friendship braid design. The thing about this quilt is that it is ‘flexible’ – if you just make the middle traditional blocks then you have quilt that is approximately 60” square, with the first border you have a single bed quilt and if you make the whole quilt it is 120” square – king size!!!

I am making it in two colours. My teaching one, using Tilda fabric and then one for my best friend and her husband in the colours they have chosen. The blocks look very different depending on the colours!!!

Other than that I have got the loom set up and I am weaving a 4ply scarf, I am also knitting my cardigan in the evenings. I have also recycled a dress into a skirt and also two pairs of trousers into another skirt!  And finally I have made a few postcards!!!!

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