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January 2016

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe how quickly 2015 went and especially December! But I got everything I wanted done, all the homemade presents and I even got time to make two skirts and a top!

Looking back over 2015, I really hadn’t thought I had done much till I looked in my note book of completed projects. Finished a number of quilts  from ‘How Does My Garden Grow?’ to the Hexagon Rainbow and the Toadstool cot/bed quilts that where published in Popular Patchwork – a total of eight of designs were included in it.

Then there was all the quilted postcards, twelve – one for each month for Laura of her duck ones, 2016 theme jobs!!! To gates and landscapes for cards and then all the Easter, Anniversary and Christmas ones.

Then there are the scarves both woven and arm knitted and then the skirts, tops and dresses I have sewn. So, in fact I have created a far number of things!!

Looking forward for 2016 there is a new month by month quilt going out with the update emails (go here to join if not already a member), this will be themed to the month, the first one being a snowman – as January is meant to be cold and snowy! Also there is a new Members area on the website. My husband tell me if you were on the old mailing list you should get a login for it automatically!

I am working on a new quilt, using traditional blocks and construction methods and mixing it with new designs, all with the theme ‘Friends’ for class and then there is some smaller ideas in the pipe line….

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