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July 2016

This has been an odd month, between being called for jury service and my Aunt being in hospital in Cambridge after a heart attack…..

I feel that I haven’t really got much done! On a Sunday I usually, work out what I need to do for the following week – creativity, house and meals wise for the week, I have diaries and calendars for each area but this month I have made the notes and lists and then everything keeps changing!

I have knitted a snowman!!! From the Sirdar Pattern 4513, my daughter Laura says knitting snowman in June is totally wrong! Not that we have had much summer weather. I hope to knit the smaller one this month.

I also got a few postcards created, for father’s day, the monthly duck one, a couple of birthday ones and the six anniversary ones I need for the next few months – in all I made twelve quilted postcards.

I did complete the Tilda version of the Friendship Quilt and on the other version, all the squares are quilted but I haven’t managed to get them together. I am working in the stitched borders but they take a time……

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