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June 2016

Well, another month has flown by!! And we are into June already – half the year almost over, soon be Christmas!!!

On Christmas, I have already started looking at things I want to make, I have bought a couple of books with Christmas makes. One is Mini Knitted Christmas, it has the sweetest penguins and polar bears to make, I thought they would make lovely decorations on the garland up the stairs. I like to ‘refesh’ the bits I put on this garland every few years, for the last few it has had white theme with crocheted snowflakes.

I want to start this month on the small Christmas bits, the knitting mostly as it gives me plenty of time to get everything done, I say it every year but I don’t want a big rush to finish everything for Christmas!!! I usually start in September but I thought maybe if I started a bit earlier I might be able to avoid the last minute panic. I hope!!!

I keep a notebook with all the things I finish making every month, May’s is very short!!! I have been concentrating on the three main quilts on the go – the two ‘Friendship’ ones and then on completing the Tilda ‘Sweet Christmas’ hexagon quilt.

I wanted the Hexagon quilt completed to take with me to Rainham Hall, as I have started to do demonstrations for them. I love hexagons and I know that they have suddenly got really popular again but they have such a long history and it works in very well with the current theme of the Hall. I think everybody wants the Tilda hexagon quilt!!! it really generated some lovely comments and a lot of interest. I will be back at the Hall in July showing quilting………………..remember I regularly post on Facebook!)

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