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March 2016

The start of February started quiet enough and I completed a few postcards and worked on the ‘Friendship’ Quilt for the class. Then I had a mad half term break with no sewing! In fact I had to pack away my four sewing machines, overlocker, embroidery unit and all my teaching work and ship them round to my in-laws, just so we could fit Laura’s bed into the workroom.

Then it was take apart Laura’s bedroom – remove over 1000 books! I accidentally packed the book on Oliver Cromwell she was reading away and she didn’t get it back till the Thursday – missing eight days of reading… All of this work was to have two new radiators fitted.

Once the floor boards where back I painted her room and then we put all the carpet, furniture and books back.. I then collected all my sewing stuff and got my workroom all back to normal – with piles of fabric and quilts in progress!

We did have a day out to the Natural History Museum to the Spirit tour – which was really interesting but specimens in jars aren’t things I can create into quilt, cushion or postcard designs!!! The building and other tings in it however I might be able to create something from.

I then had a mad panic as I realised that Mother’s Day and Easter weren’t too far off. So, I have spent the week creating postcards (a big pile of them are sitting by my armchair to hand sew all the details on in the evening while watching the tv) and cushions for presents.

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