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May 2016

Well, April was certainly a month of April Showers (& hail and snow!) so, the design for the free block of the month was very apt. Hopefully May will bring the bright warmer weather.

On bright things, I have finished the Tropical Bouquet quilt. The tropical flowers and foliage are hand quilted in strong colours but the batik I have used for the borders and joining is very bright! I have decided to enter it into the National Patchwork Championships at Sandown in June, the entry form has gone off.

The ‘How Does My Garden Grow?’ quilt, 2015 block of the month quilt has gone off to Quilts UK at Malvern later this month.

All the forms ask about inspiration and it has also come up in a couple of meetings in the last few weeks. Sometimes it may be an image – in the case of the Tropical Bouquet, it was pictures of lush tropical flowers, they just fitted with my want to hand quilt a design.

My inspiration comes from so many different things, often I will have a small idea that I will keep thinking about for months till suddenly something else will fit with it and I can then draw the design up, but it may be ages before I come back to the design and finally start making it up. Other times I design will come to mind and I will have to just make it……

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