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October 2016

Well, we are at the start of October! To me, October is about the misty mornings, bright but chilly days with all the browns and oranges of the leaves! The colours are beautiful.

And yet browns and oranges aren’t colours that I ever use in quilts or any of my projects, there isn’t very much of them even in my stash – there is a lot of greens and blues, less of pinks and purples and yet they are my favourite colours!! That’s possibly why there is less of them, as I keep using them and not buying more to replace the ones used!!

I also have a big box of bleached and natural off-cuts of calico and American muslin, it was rather overflowing. So, I emptied out all the natural pieces and I have made them into nine Friendship Stars and the rest of the smaller pieces have been cut into 2½”, 4” and 6” squares and also long strips 2½” wide to use up. I will have to think of something to do with all the bleached pieces at some point. But at least with the natural pieces being used up I can shut the box and get it on the shelf!!!

The other project I have been working on and finished is the ‘Fabric Conversation’ quilt made in Makower’s Haberdashery range. This quilt is for me and I made it because I wanted the fabric!!!

I am know starting on the next project – ‘Winter Warmer’ quilt for the cold winter evenings!!!!!

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