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April 2017

Sorry I am running late with everything this month!!!

March was a very busy month, I completed a Bird using 1” squares, I do hope to get the pattern made up, soon… but I want to play with the design a bit more as I want to try to make a Robin, using the same pattern.

Then the rest of the month was all postcards, I completed twenty one over the month, with Mother’s Day, Easter and of course Laura’s Duck one.

I was really struggling with Laura’s Duck postcard as I really didn’t have an idea and then we caught the end of the film Billy Elliot and I decided to do a ballerina!!! Just got to think of one for April, May……till August and then once Laura is 18, I am stopping Duck postcards.

I did start on quilting the Tumbler quilt and I have got the centre done but the garden took priority or rather painting the new fence panels and getting them in before we went up to visit my family in Derbyshire at the beginning of April.

Since we have been back, we have been concentrating on sorting the back and front garden out and then doing trips to the dump to clear all the rubbish – just getting rid of the old fence panels, which fell apart as we took them down, filled the car – twice!!!

I am hoping to get back to my needlework soon!!!

Happy Easter!!

(remember I regularly post on Facebook!)

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