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August 2017

I really haven’t got a lot to tell for this month!! I have been and still am, madly working on completing two hexagon quilts.

The first is the heart hexagon squares that I am making into a quilt for our anniversary in September. I have five blocks completed so far and the other four blocks are waiting to be layered and quilted.

The second is Laura’s hexagon Grandmother garden quilt that I have been making for years and years!! I did promise her it would be completed for her 18th birthday later this month. So, I am, whenever I get a few minutes hand quilting round the ‘flowers’. Fingers crossed I will get it finished!!!

We had ten days away, I prepared lots of hexagons – for a revisable bag and several postcards to be hand stitched and off we went to Croyde in Devon. We walked miles, took loads of photos (some that will make great postcards or even Journal quilts!!), Tony bodyboarded and we had a great holiday but I did very little sewing. It all came back with me, not done! Oh well, I will get them done eventually!!!

All I have got completed during July was ten quilted postcards – which doesn’t seem a lot!!!Just have to see what I get done during August – other than the hexagon quilts, I have a lot of dressmaking to do for September!!!

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