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February 2017

Well, January has gone really well! I have kept the New Year’s resolution to cut up ‘off cuts’ and what I call scrap fabric, before they go into their boxes. I still need to go through the colour boxes cutting up all the fabric that is already in them! By scrap fabric I mean pieces that are smaller than 6” square that are left over from other projects. All the larger pieces of fabric are stored in pull out plastic (Ikea!) drawers in the cupboard according to colour, then the smaller pieces are in cardboard boxes. I am working my way through the boxes, pressing and then cutting the fabric to useable sizes, mostly 1½” – the size I use to make the dogs and other animals and where I can 2½” & very occasionally 4½”. With the amount of 1½” squares I am going to have to think of some new uses!!!

A lot of the fabric is being used for the Butterfly and Flower scrap quilt I am teaching in the afternoon class, it is using up loads of different fabrics, on both the front and the back.

I still think I am going to have loads left to use up!!!

I have sewn the final hexagons to Laura’s quilt and got it all layered up ready to start hand quilting. I love hand quilting and I am looking forward to working on this quilt – got to finish knitting a couple of baby cardigans first and a patchwork dog but then it will be full steam ahead in the evenings to get it quilted. I want to get most it done before the warmer weather as it can get very warm with a full size quilt over you in the summer!!

I have also managed to create a number of postcards over this month and make myself a wrap dress, with fabric that I have had since November but I just didn’t have the time!! Finished two quilts and knitted two baby cardigans.

Hopefully February will be as successful as January in getting pieces finished.

Happy sewing!

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