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January 2017

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!! and hope that you manage to create all you want to over the coming year.

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, they never seem to last! But I am going to make a couple this year.

Firstly, before I put any scrap pieces of calico or unbleached calico in the box they are going to be cut into certain sizes – for the long pieces, they will be cut to 2½” strips for borders or 1¾” pieces for joining strips and then the rest will be cut to 2½”, 4½” or 6” squares. They are in useable pieces and I won’t have to spend all day pressing them and cutting them up, like I have over the Christmas holidays!! I am also going to use a lot of them up, making with my afternoon class a quilt that uses up all those bits of fabric that are left over from other projects.

Secondly, I will finish the hexagon quilt I have been making for Laura for the past about 16 years, for her 18th birthday in August!!! Just a few more of the border hexagons to sew on and then I will hand quilt it!!!

Thirdly, I will finish some and I am not putting any number on how many, of the quilt tops and half completed quilts that are in the box in my work room.

Other than that I am going to see what 2017 brings…

Happy creating!!!

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