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March 2017

For some reason, February just seems a lot shorter month than others, yet it is only two days shorter!!! Those two days feel more like five!!!

I realised that the end of the month was nearing and I hadn’t finished the quilt, I had planned to. I penciled it in the diary to start on Thursday 23rd. The top I had earmarked for February was made up from four Nine Patch blocks, which was made up of some full squares but a lot of Half square triangles and quarter square triangles, all made in demonstrations in classes in 2012. The centre of each was a flower – used to demonstration fusible web and machine applique. I had got as far as making it into top with the sashing in calico and then extra flowers and leaves thrown across the whole design.

I made up the back of the quilt from a set of fat quarters I had been given, layered it and then over the next couple of days, machine quilted the Nine Patch blocks and ‘stems’ over the whole design connecting up the leaves and flowers. I put the binding and finally quilted on my tortoise on the Sunday.

I was also a bit late making Laura’s duck quilted postcard – did that on Sunday as well!!!

In my defence, I have made a pinafore and two skirts, an apron to where at work (as getting threads of needlecord is fun!!) and to keep my glasses and thimble in – I am always losing them in class!! Also finished knitting the baby cardigans and made five quilted postcards.

Lots on the  to do in March – Mother’s day is not far away and then there is Easter postcards to think about!!! Another quilt top to finish and then there is the quilts that I am demonstrating in class…..

Happy creating!!!

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