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May 2017

I haven’t got a lot to say for the month that has just gone!!! It just went! I had three weeks not being near my sewing machine! For that time, I was doing hand stitching, hexagons or squares for a patchwork dog – 2” size squares for a bigger dog to use at the demonstrations I do at Rainham Hall (National Trust). Other than that, I was embellishing lots of postcards for birthdays.

Once, I got back to my sewing machine I finished quilting the Tumbler quilt (if you want to read more about it and get the pattern, in the members section) and then I have been working on the Heart to Heart quilt that I am doing with the morning class. Two more weeks and this quilt will be finished and then we will be moving onto the Butterfly and Shoo Fly Flower quilt, which is made up from loads of ‘scrap’ fabric in my cupboard.

I am still putting the last pieces of this quilt together and hopefully I will have it finished this week.

Looking ahead, I have almost completed the nine hearts made from hexagons, still a long way to the quilt is finished – they need to be appliqued on to the squares and then borders added, quilted and made up into the quilt – by September!! Once the hexagon hearts are finished I will need another hexagon project, I have ‘found’ a number of flowers left over from Laura’s hexagon quilt that I will use up first and then I am thinking of doing hexagon star quilt!!

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