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April 2018

Well, it’s the start of another month, this year is going so quickly!!!

March was all about postcards for me…. First Mother’s Day ones, then ‘playing’ with crayons and Derwent Inktense pencils.

 I have used Inktense pencils for a number of years but have found that they bleed on fabric, as you need water to set them. They are great for watercolour type skies and misty backgrounds. I did some research and discovered that you can also use them with textile medium and so I have been ‘playing’. I drew a whole scene and painted over with medium and it didn’t run!!! Then I tried doing a watercolour sky, letting it dry, appliqueing the landscape and painting in a tree, setting it with the textile medium, letting it dry and pressing it before, layering and hand embroidering it. It worked really well and has opened up so many possibilities and ideas… just need the time.

After all of those I then made the Easter postcards and a couple of birthday ones – just had a count up and I made twenty two postcards in all!!!

On the quilt side of things, I have finished the Courtroom Steps one and I am almost there with the Daisy, Daisy! one; wanted to finish it by the end of March but didn’t quite get there!!!

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