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December 2018

I am sorry this is late but the last month, in fact since the beginning of August have been a bit hectic.

My elderly Aunt who lives in Ely, Cambridgeshire has been very ill and in and out of hospital. I have been spending a lot of time phoning, emailing and going up to both Ely and Addenbrookes hospital trying to sort out so many things. She is finally home with 24 hour live in Care and fingers crossed that once everything has settled down, things will be simpler and I will have more time to create!

Most of what I have managed to create during November was for presents for Christmas, more hot water bottle covers, tree hangers and the postcards. But I still have several things to finish – a quilt and a couple of scarves! All in the next week!!!

I have also got to finish of the quilts I started during the term as demonstration piecing!!! And start thinking about what I will be demonstrating next term.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a creative New Year.

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