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February 2018

One whole month already gone!!! The pile of ‘stuff’ in the workroom hasn’t gone down at all this month, in fact I think it has got bigger.

I finished the Hexagon Star quilt at the beginning of January and that has moved out of the workroom and gone to join the other quilts that are over the banisters!!! There is a ‘Friendship quilt’ in Tilda fabric, the Hexagon Rainbow quilt, a Dresden plate quilt in greys and now the Hexagon Star quilt. The banisters won’t get cold!

On Dresden plate design, its one I really like but there seems to be a sudden explosion of quilts around made from this pattern. The one made with the new fabric range Katie Jayne by Makower is particularly pretty. (the pattern is free to download from the Makower website). The other quilt that I have finished is the Cross Roads quilt, the pattern is available on the Members section and you can read more about the design and completing the quilt there. The box of unfinished pieces is getting slowly emptied.

Back to the pile of ‘stuff’ that has got higher, rather than smaller. There are the pieces for three quilts – a hand applique Rose of Sharon quilt in blacks and greys. Ten squares of a HST quilt – nine of them I have been teaching in class, but I am making sixteen in all for the finished quilt for myself, this is in Tilda fabric and then there is a hexagon quilt!! I had some leftover hexagon flowers that I am appliqueing on 8” square to create a quilt.

Also, on the pile are working drawings and fabric for some ‘art’ quilt ideas for teaching in the morning class!! And pieces that are waiting to be finished in the next few classes. From Cathedral Window bag to quilted postcards created by colouring in designs with crayons to pieces framed on canvas stretcher bars!!

 I have a lot to get through during February to clear the pile before it topples over!!

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