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May 2018

I don’t have a lot to tell about April, I finished the Daisy, Daisy! quilt on the 2nd but I still haven’t got round to doing all the instructions and other notes, just haven’t got my mind in the right gear to do them!!!

I then started on another quilt, this one is using a pre-cut – 5” Charm squares, we all see a lot of pre-cuts around and buy them but don’t know what to create with them. The pack I am using is The Harvest Collection from Tilda, I have cut 4½” circles from the squares, appliqued them onto the middle of a 9½” square – that is the easy bit!! Then I designed a quilting pattern inspired by the fabric, that was the more complicated and time-consuming part!! I have finished creating the thirty-six squares and am now putting them together, then I will work on the borders.

The other project I am working on with Laura is a wall hanging that we are entering into The National Quilt Championships in the special themed category ‘Remembrance’. It has embroidered quotes – Laura is working on them at the moment and then vignettes – we have both been making them, I am just completing the four trees, one for each season. Autumn – the sadness and knowing that life is passing, Winter – the grief of loss, Spring – the start of new life and hope and Summer – living life. Trees are very strong images for both Laura and I. Laura jokes that she could write a dissertation on all the meanings we have used in our wall hanging!!

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