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November 2018

Welcome to November!! After a beautiful warm sunny October (well most of it!) November has arrived with wind and rain.

For me, November is the month of really working on all the pieces from tree hangers, Quilted Postcards, quilts and other gifts for Christmas. I like to get most of the smaller bits done by the end of the month. Usually I make a start in October, but most of the work is done in November, but all I managed to do in October was design a few things!! I just haven’t had the spare time.

We had a great five-day cruise in October, we stopped in Zeebrugge and went for the day to Bruges. Everybody kept telling me to get the Belgian chocolate, but the day was so hot, if I had it would have melted as we walked around the town and out to the edge and back past the windmills, before heading back to the ship.

We then sailed to Amsterdam for a few days. It was incredible weather for October, we took a boat trip round the canals, went to the museum, walked miles and took hundreds of photos. There were so many great photo opportunities. I have so many ideas for quilts and wall hangings and postcards from the trip – the houses, windmills, canals and tulips!!

I am still working on the Stripy quilts and the different techniques that you can use. Linked to this I have created a few more bags and Hot water Bottle Covers (great Christmas gifts!!).

I have also been knitting, a pair of lacy wrist warmers for me and now a pair of mittens/wrist warmers for Laura, I am having to play with the pattern and sizing to get the fit she wants – she has long slim hands and fingers!!

I have also been weaving, I finished a scarf for me and have started another for Laura and then I want to weave a couple of Christmas gifts!! There are some lovely yarns available, at the moment I am using Stylecraft Batiks and Batik Swirl...

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