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October 2018

I don’t know what happened to September! In my notebook of completed work for the month I have only got 5 things listed: one postcard; Quilted Stripy Quilt; two fabric Shoppers with quilted pocket; two Sharpies pen art pictures and a crushed velvet wrap dress!!

And yet I have been doing lots of stuff but not actually finished anything. I have begun two more Stripy quilts as part of the morning class. One is in Makower Scandi Christmas fabric that I bought this time last year, this will be for us. And the other is a bigger version of the quilt, to fit a double bed and is made from whatever fabric is in my stash, the only fabric I have bought for it is Makower Essentials in white for the borders. This quilt is for my niece.

The fabric shopper with quilted pocket is to use up samples of the quilt patterns and ideas for the Stripy quilt. I hate not using up samples, such a waste of time and fabric and so when I do need to do samples I always try to find a way of making them into something useful – I this case, pockets on bags that I will use as gift bags at Christmas!

I have spent quite a bit of time in developing ideas and writing up class notes and preparing lessons for the rest of this half term. As well as starting on Christmas.

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