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April 2019

This month’s diary is a bit later than normal as we have been away for a cruise!!

My classes finished on the 26th March for this term and on the Friday as a family we went on a cruise on P&O ship Britannia, for Tony and I this is our third time on a cruise but for Laura it was her first one.

Our first port of call was Rotterdam, this is a huge port and we were moored/parked by their icon ‘Swan’ bridge. We had a trip out to Delft and the Royal Delft factory tour. Wherever you go in the Netherlands there is the iconic blue and white pottery, much is modern interpretations, but the Royal Delft Pottery does the real hand painted (hugely expensive!) Pottery.

They also do a range of transfer designs that is more affordable. Part of their contemporary range is Proud Mary, it uses the iconic designs and blue colour to create a figurine that represents Mary the second (as in William and Mary, King and Queen of England in late 17th century) she was a big fan of the Delft pottery.

I feel rather inspired by the designs and the blue of the Delft ware……

We also stopped in Zeebrugge and went to Bruges, there is so much to look at in this old town, the roof lines, chimneys and the canals.


We were meant to be stopping at Guernsey and getting off by tender but due to the Force 8 winds and 2 to 3 metre swells we didn’t!!!

Now, its back home, catch up on all the washing and ironing and start working on lots of things – Easter Quilted Postcards, a present for an 80th birthday present and next terms teaching – classes start back on 30th April for the summer term!!! I also need to do the garden!!!

I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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