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January 2019

Happy New Year!!

I hope that 2019 is a great creative year for you.

December started with a mad rush to finish some Christmas presents! And to get everything ready for Christmas, we did eventually get the tree up, but only just!

The quilt for my niece, which was part Christmas and part birthday present (as each of them reaches their eleventh birthday I am making them a new quilt, a grown up one to replace the one they had for their second birthday) that got finished the day before we went up to see them all. As did the woven scarf; another present!!!

The final present, a Jacobean inspired wall art, also only got finished the day before I was giving it!! As I said everything was a bit of a mad rush.

From Christmas day to New Years Day, has been a quieter time and I spent the time finishing five quilted postcards that had been sitting around for months. I also stitched some toppers to create paper Christmas cards for 2019!!!

I have been wanting to create new decorations for the stair garland (which I never got time to put up this year!!) for the last couple of years, over the years I have made new bits for it, a few years ago it was 25 hand crocheted snowflakes. I still want to use some of these plus the silver and white mini baubles, but I want to create a sewing theme to it. I am going to, over January, create these new decorations and also create new stockings for my husband and me, the current ones are over 25 years and looking a bit sorry for themselves!! I know if I leave them to later in the year I just won’t have the time.

On time, as many of you know, I have been spending a lot on helping my Aunt, this is going to continue for a while longer and for this reason I wouldn’t be working on quilts or patterns for the website. I will be working on my teaching work and also items to sell on Etsy. I will be posting regularly on Facebook and also Instagram.

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