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February 2020

January has been an up and down month, a very emotional month – as my Mum died in the middle of it.

I haven’t been in a place to concentrate on new ideas and techniques. I have done a lot of weaving, finished the piece on the loom and turned that into a bag for me and then I set the loom up with a scarf. The colours are inspired by the landscape – hills, rivers and lakes, heather and moors – so, greens, browns, purples and blues. I think once the scarf is made then I will use the same colours for a tote bag.

I have also been doing some crochet, started a Granny square blanket, really shouldn’t have started it as I have so many projects on the go but….

Both of these projects are relaxing, therapeutic – my hands are busy, creating something useful and hopefully beautiful but my mind doesn’t not have to be focused or engaged, I can think through things or just switch it off, which is what I need at the moment.

For more on what I am doing have a look at my page on Facebook and also Instagram.

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